„Fliegenfischen ist unser Leben" („We live for fly fishing“)

Our mission statement “Fliegenfischen ist unser Leben” (“We live for fly fishing”) is more than just a slogan and there is probably no way we could have expressed our passion about and commitment to all facets of fly fishing better. For everyone at FLYFISHING EUROPE fly fishing is the most important thing in our life, both on a professional and private level. This uncompromising and absolute dedication has been the driving force behind all we do ever since and it has created the unique corporate philosophy to which we owe our reputation today.

Fly fishing has always been a pivotal thing in my live. As a native Slovenian I was blessed to grow up amidst one of Europe’s most beautiful and pristine landscapes and spent most of my free time fishing the crystal clear creeks, rivers and lakes in the surroundings. The fascination of breathtaking nature, the unique sensation of being the only one on the planet while stalking along the river beds and watching out for rising fish, the pleasure of distraction from the hassle of daily live and the irrepressible desire to grasp just a little bit more of Mother Nature’s mysteries again will never set me free. This passion for fly fishing lives on with FLYFISHING EUROPE, with every single member of staff, our instructors, consultants and our unique range of high quality products. As our valued customer you take centre stage in all our activities. Your pleasure and satisfaction in fly fishing is our paramount aim and we feel fortunate to assist you in what we love most: fly fishing.

Mirjana Pavlic

Flyfishing Europe Mirjana Pavlic