Flyfishing in Slovenia

Remote, imposing natural landscapes. Gin clear waters. Huge hatches and marmoratas – that is what Slovenia looked like hundreds of years ago. Until the present day this small, paradisiacal spot on earth has kept the major part of her original beauty and it is listed among the few last, real dream destinations for fly-fishing.

In the upper valley of the Savinja, one of the most unspoilt regions of Slovenia with the beautiful river Savinja, is where the idyllic and rustic fly-fishing lodge of Mirjana is to be found. There is a top class fishery for trout and grayling right at the doorstep in the gin clear water of the Savinja. It is, however, not just the dream of any angler that comes true here! Families with an interest in nature will find, in the region, a broad range of activities where leisure, sport and culture are concerned.

Mirjana’s lodge has room for five persons and is an ideal travel destination for fly-fishers and their families that share an interest and love for nature.

Mirjanas flyfishing Lodge in Slovenia

Flyfishing the Savinja

The valley through which the upper part of the Savinja flows, is without doubt one of the most untouched areas of Slovenia, whereby the Savinja itself is the most impressive attraction. As a typical river of the secondary mountain-chain, the Savinja carries almost year-round ice-cold and gin-clear water and with that it is a perfect water for the fly-fisher. With a few exceptions (short stretches near residential districts) the Savinja flows through her original riverbed across wide plateaus, shallow gravel-beds, fast running stretches with large rocks or deep canyons that have been created during thousands of years. The many natural runs, deep gullies, swirls and pools offer an ideal habitat for the fish and the fly-fisher thousands of possibilities to enjoy his or her passion in a perfect way.

Mirjanas flyfishing lodge in Slovenia       Mirjanasflyfishing-Lodge in Slovenia

Because of the still very rich insect hatches on the Savinja there are almost always good prospects to fish with the dry fly, however fishing a nymph or streamer in the gin-clear water is a true joy as well. Because of her natural beauty and the exceptionally rich stocks of fish, the Savinja has earned herself a place among the top fly-fishing waters of Europe. When someone has not lost his or her heart to a river, that fly-fisher will for certain loose it to the Savinja.

Mirjanas flyfishing lodge in Slowenia       Mirjanas flyfishing Lodge in Slovenia

In order to protect the stocks of fish on the Savinja only fly-fishing with barbless flies is allowed. When using regular fly-hooks, the barb has to be pressed down or filed down. Fishing with artificial lures or other fishing methods is strictly forbidden, as well as fishing from a boat or from a bridge.

Mirjana Pavlic with large rainbow trout from the  Savinja


A.) Savinja from the valley of Logarska until the bridge in Luce (17 km)
B.) The special stretch of the Savinja (2 km) from the bridge across the Savinja until the weir Pekovski jez at Ljubno on de Savinja

Season: April 15 until October 31 (with dry flies, nymphs or streamers)

Guide Gregor Kriznik with trophy size Brown Trout from the Savinja


STRETCH 2: The Savinja from where the Lucnica joins it downstream until the bridge across the Ljubno
STRETCH 3: The Savinja from the weir Pekovski jez at Ljubno downstream until the weir Kolencev jez at Okonina

On these last two stretches it is only allowed to fish with streamers (with a minimum length of at least 5 cm) in the period from the 15th of April until the 31st of May. From the 1st of June until the 31st of October it is allowed to fish with dry flies and nymphs as well.

Bag limit:
1 grayling / minimum size 50 cm
2 rainbow trout between 30 and 40 cm

The brown trout and the huchen have to be returned at all times!

Mirjana Pavlic with large Savinja-Grayling


Guide Gregor Kriznik with another trophy bown trout from the Savinja


Gregor's girlfriend with a nice size rainbow trout from the Savinja