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Flyfishing Europe Katalog 2010

Flyfishing Europe Katalog 2010

The catalogue of Flyfishing Europe has been made as thoroughly and with as much craftsmanship as the products that are featured in it. Thousands of brilliant pictures printed on quality paper show even the smallest of colour variations of different parts of products. Especially the something like 550 pictures of the artificial flies which are sold are small jewels of sharpness and accuracy, because every single one of these little works of art was put against a contrasting background, so that even the smallest of details appear as clearly as when we would watch the flies with a magnifying-glass.

Flyfishing is a hobby with a high level of aesthetics and this is clearly shown in the photography. When we look at the broad range of fly-tying materials, this catalogue is almost a quantum leap.

The variations in colour and the structure of the different materials are clearly visible in the thousands of pictures. I know of no other catalogue where this is done in the same way. Extensive, carefully formulated pieces of text are a big help when making a choice and a decision. All products are shown in such a way that no questions are left that need to be answered. Numerous tying sequences at the top of every page provide new ideas for tying flies. The whole catalogue clearly shows that a well thought out concept is carried through all of the pages in a consequent way by Mirjana Pavlic. This catalogue is a competent, survey-able advisor for buying goods, reading it brings pleasure, just like searching through it, exploring new things and increasing on your inspiration. It is highly pleasurable to fish with the fly and some carefully selected tools play a big role in this. This catalogue adds to the pleasure that we enjoy even before we visit the fishing waters of this world. Mirjana Pavlic is a fly-fisher with heart and soul. There is not just a lot of knowhow in this catalogue, but also her love for the most beautiful hobby in the world.

apl. Prof. Dr. phil. Frank Möbus